OMD – SXSW Austin Day 2

Tour Stop #11 – SXSW Austin, Day 2 18th March 2011 So another day in Austin for SXSW but not before I tried desperately to get caught up on blogs. Hadn’t been able to do Houston due to early departure … Read More

OMD – SXSW Austin Day 1

Tour Stop #10 – SXSW Austin, Day 1 17th March 2011 Headed off early to catch something I highly doubt will happen again, so well worth the late night, early morning wake up call to get in and see! On … Read More

OMD – Houston 2011

Tour Stop #9 – House Of Blues, Houston 16th March 2011 Well I hopped on my last flight for a bit, was just getting settled when there was an announcement… .”Um, folks, we don’t have a pilot right now. We … Read More

OMD – Atlanta 2011

Tour Stop #8 – The Loft, Atlanta 14th March 2011 I just realised mid last night that I didn’t have a “highlight of the night” for Chicago’s gig… sorry (Chalk it up to me being thrilled to be home amongst … Read More

OMD – Chicago 2011

Tour Stop #7 -Chicago Park West, Chicago 12th March 2011 Sweet home Chicago!!! That’s what it was for me last night (ok, I live in a far NW suburb but to me this was home advantage night!) Nicky and I … Read More

OMD – Michigan 2011

Tour Stop #6 – Crofoot Ballroom, Michigan 11th March 2011 Well my flight from DC came in on time thank goodness and before long Nicky and I were on the road again. We headed to Pontiac and actually had quite … Read More

OMD – Washington 2011

Tour Stop #5 – 9:30 Club, Washington 10th March 2011 So here I am in DC, the city that has by far the coolest subways… I feel like I’m in Gotham City! Unfortunately the subway, along with the airport, were … Read More

OMD – New York 2011

Tour Stop #4 – Terminal 5 NYC 8th March 2011 As if to make sure everyone knew they were in a special city, the sun was shining for the first time since I left for this tour, which was a … Read More

OMD – Boston 2011

Tour stop #3 – Paradise Rock Club, Boston 7th March 2011 Well I was a bit worried about getting to this show due to the snowstorm that had hit Montreal. The changed flight that I mentioned in the past blog … Read More

OMD – Montreal 2011

Tour Stop #2 – Montreal Le National 6th March 2011 Well, I’m still in Canada and freezing my tush off thanks in part to the sudden drop in temperature. The predicted rain of Saturday had surprisingly turned to snow that … Read More

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