What does the future sound like?

One of the songs featured on the forthcoming OMD album English Electric will be getting its own special release later this month as ‘The Future Will Be Silent’ is issued in a limited vinyl format for the annual Record Store Day event on 20th April.

‘The Future Will Be Silent’ has its foundations in the idea of the ‘waste noise’ that has been utilised as samples in many OMD songs of the past. In other words, the origins of these sounds is due to the noise made as a byproduct of inefficient machines and devices, or as Andy McCluskey summed it up: “A typewriter is designed to type things onto a page, not make a clicking noise when you hit the key. A steam engine is not designed to go ‘chuff chuff’. That’s an audio waste product of the inefficiency of its engine. And as the world has modernised, the accidental audio by-products, waste products, of the things that have become concrete music are going to be less and less because the designers have designed out the waste so that the machinery of the modern world has actually become more silent. So The Future Will Be Silent is actually a reference to that concept”.

The 10″ EP release will be a picture disc issued in a full colour sleeve put together by English Electric designer Tom Skipp: “I’ve mixed the English Electric Lightning jet fighter’s distinct nose with the EE Deltic train’s decals. Describing an English Electric modern dream where the future will be silent. The 10″ format is such a great canvas to explore this future with the past”. future_10

The EP will also feature a selection of tracks taken from the English Electric album as well as a new song exclusive to this release titled ‘Time Burns’.

The track listing for the EP will be as follows:

  • Please Remain Seated
  • Time Burns
  • Decimal
  • The Future Will Be Silent
  • Atomic Ranch

‘The Future Will Be Silent’ will be available from participating record outlets on Record Store Day on 20th April. The release is limited to 500 copies.