METROLAND released

Rail journeys with OMD…

Today marks the release of the new OMD single ‘Metroland’, the first release from the forthcoming album English Electric.

Andy McCluskey described ‘Metroland’ as being part of English Electric’s theme of failed utopias: “The song is inspired by the early 20th Century London Metropolitan Railway Line campaign slogan to ‘come and live in Metroland’. So many commuters moved from the smoky capital that the very rural idyll they sought was swamped by miles of mock Tudor suburb. The act of reaching for Utopia destroys it.”

A review in (appropriately enough) the Metro newspaper summed up ‘Metroland’ as follows: “Lots of familiar sparks on this single cut from OMD’s new album English Electric. They’ve acquired British synth pop ‘heritage status’ but it’s still easy to get carried away with their electro-romance”.

The song is available as a Limited Edition 12″ release or as a digital download via online outlets.

The 12″ release features the full-length version of ‘Metroland’ as well as a new B-Side song ‘The Great White Silence’. The digital package features the following tracks:

  1. Metroland
  2. The Great White Silence
  3. Metroland (Radio Edit)
  4. Metroland (Manhattan Clique Remix)
  5. Metroland (Metroland Remix)
  6. Metroland (Jonteknik Remix)
  7. Metroland (Roger Erickson Remix)

Metroland (Metroland Remix)

Metroland (Jonteknik Remix)

Metroland (Manhattan Clique Remix)

Metroland (Roger Erickson Remix)

‘Metroland’ is available via Amazon and also via the Official OMD Website here:

English Electric is due for release on 8th April 2013.

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