The Year In Review – 2016

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2016 proved to be a busy year for OMD with the band presenting a variety of approaches to live performances, as well as seeing some anniversaries for classic OMD releases. Along the way, Andy McCluskey guested at events and gave … Read More

KARL BARTOS Off The Record

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It’s been ten years since KARL BARTOS’ last album ‘Communication’. Released almost at the same time as his former colleagues’ rather pedestrian cycling travelogue ‘Tour De France Soundtracks’, his effort was far more impressive and rhythmically dynamic. On leaving KRAFTWERK … Read More

KRAFTWERK Live in New York

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There’s no doubt about the influence Kraftwerk has had on OMD. Both founding members have come out dozens of times citing the German experimental electronic band as a main influence. Lead singer Andy McCluskey jokes of how their song Electricity … Read More