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The Year In Review – 2016

2016 proved to be a busy year for OMD with the band presenting a variety of approaches to live performances, as well as seeing some anniversaries for classic OMD releases. Along the way, Andy McCluskey guested at events and gave … Read More

Electri_City In Liverpool

The Düsseldorf connection With the launch of Electri_City: The Düsseldorf School of Electronic Music , author Rudi Esch has been busy promoting the publication and arrived in Liverpool this month to chat to Andy McCluskey about the book, Düsseldorf’s musical … Read More


The latest entry from the OMD Q&A archives is a look at the music and ideas that have inspired OMD’s music. Amongst the topics covered are Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Neu!, Barry White and a query about the inspiration behind the … Read More


From the OMD archives… In 1998 during the very early days of the Official OMD Website, fans were invited to submit questions to ANDY McCLUSKEY for a Questions and Answers session. This was the year in which the OMD SINGLES … Read More


Looking back at OMD’s 2013… 2013 was a significant year for OMD with the release of their 12th studio album English Electric. It was an album that was going to surprise both critics and fans alike who, throughout the post-History … Read More

KARL BARTOS Off The Record

It’s been ten years since KARL BARTOS’ last album ‘Communication’. Released almost at the same time as his former colleagues’ rather pedestrian cycling travelogue ‘Tour De France Soundtracks’, his effort was far more impressive and rhythmically dynamic. On leaving KRAFTWERK … Read More

KRAFTWERK Radio-Aktivität Live in Düsseldorf

KRAFTWERK played an emotional second show as part of their ‘The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8′ residency at Die Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen to an expectant hometown crowd which included PROPAGANDA’s Ralf Dӧrper and members of DIE KRUPPS. … Read More

2012 The Year In Review

Looking back at OMD’s 2012… The focus throughout 2012 has been the writing and recording of the new OMD album English Electric, but that’s not to say that other OMD news has been lacking this year… As part of a … Read More

KRAFTWERK Live in New York

There’s no doubt about the influence Kraftwerk has had on OMD. Both founding members have come out dozens of times citing the German experimental electronic band as a main influence. Lead singer Andy McCluskey jokes of how their song Electricity … Read More