The Questions & Answers section of the Official OMD Website proved to be a popular feature in which queries about OMD’s record releases and career could be answered directly by Andy McCluskey or by site administrator and OMD archivist Paul Browne.

The context for many of the queries and replies featured on these pages has obviously changed over time but have been preserved here intact as a window on a particular period in OMD’s history.


Being a long term fan of Orchestral Manoeuvres, I have always wondered which Kraftwerk track was the source of your inspiration? Also, what year did you discover them?

David Viner

“1975. ‘Autobahn’ blew me away.” – Andy

I would just like to know just what Barry White and others thought of the songs OMD covered like ‘Dream of Me’, ‘The More I See You’ and ‘Neon Lights’?

Kevin Roche

“Barry White liked what I did with ‘Dream Of Me’ and Kraftwerk said that they liked ‘Neon Lights’.” – Andy

If OMD was inspired by Neu!, in which aspects? Neu! were primarily guitar/drums and were a mantrarock (i.e. krautrock) group and synth is not nearly always audible.

Matthew Dean

“I liked the hypnotic and melancholy nature.” – Andy


Which Joy Division song do you like the most ? How would you describe Ian Curtis ? I’ve read the Messages biography and I know that you were a fan of this Manchester band. I find that ‘She’s Leaving’ comes very close to Joy Division.

Gunter Verhoeven

“‘Atmosphere'” – Andy

What is the cover of  Dazzle Ships? is it an abstract image of ships?

Ed Verrilla, Pittsburgh

It takes its design concept from the type of painted camouflage on warships in the First World War. They were called ‘Dazzle Ships’, hence the nautical sounds on the title track.

The original Q&A pages first appeared on the Official OMD Website in 1998
Revised text 4th February 2014