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OMD/RLPO In Concert 2018

This field remains… When OMD first collaborated with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra back in 2009, you would be forgiven for thinking the project sounded unfeasible. For a band that’s carved an impressive career utilising electronic music, the idea of … Read More

OMD Live at Barbican, York

OMD’s York outing gains a special guest… Messages went along to the York leg of the 2017 tour to witness a little bit of OMD history in the making, with Julia Kneale making a one-off guest appearance to introduce the … Read More

OMD Live at The Roundhouse, London

OMD deliver more luxury than punishment… OMD’s talents for putting on a dynamic live performance remains strangely undiminished in the face of their decades-long concert history (in fact the band’s 40th Anniversary lands next year). The Punishment Of Luxury tour … Read More

OMD at the Royal Albert Hall

In May 2016, OMD staged a remarkable live show in the amazing Royal Albert Hall… OMD’s ability to successfully perform different setlists and different venues, essentially giving audiences two different versions of the band, has given them an advantage that … Read More

KRAFTWERK Live in New York

There’s no doubt about the influence Kraftwerk has had on OMD. Both founding members have come out dozens of times citing the German experimental electronic band as a main influence. Lead singer Andy McCluskey jokes of how their song Electricity … Read More

OMD Live in Austin

Statues was wonderful but Green was a stand out for me as Mr. M. sang with an extra surge of emotion and the unison of his arm hits and Mr. H#2’s drum beats really pounded in the feeling, no pun … Read More

OMD Live in Tulsa

It drew time for OMD and a number of fans who had been sitting down came up plus more sales must have occurred at the door because there were a lot more than what we earlier were expecting. The lights … Read More

OMD Live in Dallas

Well, Dallas was a repeat city so that meant the Stanlow set. I couldn’t help but smile when, right before Mr. M was about to sing, a fan near me must have figured out what song he was about to … Read More

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