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KRAFTWERK Live in New York

There’s no doubt about the influence Kraftwerk has had on OMD. Both founding members have come out dozens of times citing the German experimental electronic band as a main influence. Lead singer Andy McCluskey jokes of how their song Electricity … Read More


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s founding members Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys have been making music together since the mid ’70s. They were eventually enlarged to a quartet when Malcolm Holmes and Martin Cooper joined the team and together they … Read More

OMD Live in Austin

Statues was wonderful but Green was a stand out for me as Mr. M. sang with an extra surge of emotion and the unison of his arm hits and Mr. H#2’s drum beats really pounded in the feeling, no pun … Read More

OMD Live in Tulsa

It drew time for OMD and a number of fans who had been sitting down came up plus more sales must have occurred at the door because there were a lot more than what we earlier were expecting. The lights … Read More

OMD Live in Dallas

Well, Dallas was a repeat city so that meant the Stanlow set. I couldn’t help but smile when, right before Mr. M was about to sing, a fan near me must have figured out what song he was about to … Read More

OMD Live in Anaheim

Dazzle Ships starts and we were off! Like Vancouver, Anaheim was a sold out gig and I was wondering if that would make for an amazing night…it did! Stanlow was its amazingly beautiful self and was met with a huge … Read More

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