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Julia’s Song – Handwritten Lyrics

‘Julia’s Song’ remains one of OMD’s classic songs whose history dates back to pre-OMD outfit The Id. The song’s evocative lyrics were penned by then-member of The Id Julia Kneale whose own history is detailed in her fascinating book Moods … Read More

Now That’s What I Call OMD

OMD’s compilation classics… As a popular musical outfit, it’s of little surprise that OMD should be a band that has enjoyed a presence on countless compilation albums over the years. Along the way, some of the band’s appearances have been … Read More


Steve Hollas, formerly of The Id, (whom Messages interviewed previously) has written about the process of constructing a bass guitar. The article, which is posted on the www.weescribble.com site documents the building of the guitar which Steve had worked on … Read More


“We’re pretty much virtual these days…” Paul Humphreys needs little introduction as one of the pioneering people in the UK electronic music scene. As well as being a founder-member of OMD, Paul had previously been part of The Id and … Read More

An Interview With ADRIAN PRATT

Adrian Pratt was a former member of Pegasus and also founder-member of Hitlerz Underpantz – both pre-OMD bands that Andy and/or Paul were involved with. Adrian was also involved in other Liverpool bands such as Mr Grumbold before developing an … Read More

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