ENGLISH ELECTRIC track listing and teaser track tomorrow

omd_logo_2013Andy McCluskey was the guest this evening on Dave Charles’ radio show on Harborough FM and talked briefly on OMD matters, including the immediate plans for the English Electric album.

Andy confirmed that the press release for English Electric is released tomorrow and will feature the complete tracklisting for the album for the first time. As a bonus, a teaser from the new album will also be made available in the form of the song Decimal. Andy didn’t elaborate on how the track will be presented, but added that it would be in a video format which suggests that it won’t be in download form (as with ‘Sister Marie Says’ which preceded History Of Modern). More likely the song will be presented on the OMD website as well as social networking links such as Facebook and YouTube.

Talking about the album directly, Andy commented that both Paul Humphreys and himself had viewed English Electric as a “definitive statement” and suggested that they couldn’t view any further OMD albums beyond this one, adding “that’s how good we think it is”.

The writing of the album see a return to the “deconstructive” method of writing that informed albums such as Architecture & Morality and the experimental elements that resulted in Dazzle Ships. English Electric appears, in part, to be a reaction to some people’s views on History Of Modern that it lacked the experimental style of OMD’s early material. “We can afford to be brave” commented Andy on the writing of the new album.

Andy also briefly touched on the problems of selecting songs for the live set due to the ever-expanding catalogue of songs and noted that he was trying to get in shape for the tour ahead. In fact he had taken a break recently in North Wales without any telephone contact simply to clear his head. Describing the trip as his “sanctuary”, Andy spent a week just walking the coast and deserted river banks.

Addressing OMD fans at the end of the interview, Andy said “I hope you all like the new album!”.

UPDATE: The Official OMD Website has confirmed that English Electric will be released on April 8th on CD, deluxe CD+DVD, heavyweight vinyl LP, collectors’ tin boxset as well as digitally. ‘Metroland’ will be the first single due for release on 24th March. The video for ‘Decimal’ is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZBNx6e3D_Q

The final tracklist is as follows:

Please Remain Seated
Night Café
The Future Will Be Silent
Helen of Troy
Our System
Kissing The Machine
Stay With Me
Atomic Ranch
Final Song

Official OMD Website