Each issue of Messages is a glossy publication and features a full colour cover. Includes articles, and interviews as well as a wealth of special features exploring the rich musical legacy of OMD.

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Debut issue from 2002 with colour cover and glossy art paper printing. Articles include Andy McCluskey interview, features on OMD’s debut single Electricity, Bands that influenced OMD, the Korg Micropreset, Q+A’s plus news and stories!

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Paul Browne

Paul spent his formative years indulging in fanzine culture before branching out to graphic and web design in later years via his Arc23 outlet. Responsible for the creation of the original Official OMD Website, Paul also spent over 10 years administrating the site as well as providing sleeve notes for many of the OMD reissues.

Publications that have featured his contributions include Electronic Sound, Metro, Japan Update Weekly, J-Pop Go, Wavegirl and The Electricity Club.
Paul Browne
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