Video for ATOMIC RANCH revealed

The next animated video taken from the forthcoming OMD album English Electric has been revealed, this time for the track ‘Atomic Ranch’.

As with ‘Decimal’, the video has been produced by German animator Henning Lederer and is the second of three animated films that will be issued as part of the DVD for some releases of English Electric.

‘Atomic Ranch’ was inspired by the US magazine Atomic Ranch, which features articles and photos from American houses in the post-war period. As Andy describes the song: “It’s all about the sort of utopia of the 50s and 60s that never quite arrived. Where everyone thought they were going to turn into George Jetson and the future would be great and atomic power would solve all our problems and science would fix everything in medicine. This sort of utopian vision that everything was going be great. Of course, in reality, it didn’t turn out that way. So ‘Atomic Ranch’ is about that kind of utopian/dystopian view”.

English Electric is due for release on 8th April 2013. The album is available to pre-order from the Official OMD Website Store here: