Friends of 632 3003 Updates

Join fellow OMD fans for a Beer & Cheese Pairing on the Wirral

As regular Messages readers will be aware, the grassroots support group The Friends of 632 3003 have done wonders with their work on preserving a piece of OMD’s legacy.

For those unfamiliar with the history of OMD, ‘632 3003’ was the number of the red telephone box on the Wirral that the band used as their ‘office’ in the early days of their career. That number was subsequently used in the lyrics of their classic 1980 single ‘Red Frame/White Light’. As a result, the phonebox has taken on a legendary status among OMD fans.

Tragedy struck in 2017 however when the phonebox was removed by BT contractors. In a campaign supported by Andy McCluskey himself, fans organised themselves in a bid to have the phonebox restored – a feat which they successfully achieved (see our article Save The Red Frame/White Light Phonebox for the whole story).

With the Friends of 632 3003 Facebook Group in full swing now, the committee behind the group have issued a statement that a decision has been taken to close the original Facebook page Friends of 632 3003 with effect from 10/04/2018 (please note this does not affect the Facebook group). The page was initially set up to raise awareness of the removal of the telephone box and help to instigate the return. As the box was returned and reinstated to it’s rightful place in October 2017, the group are now concentrating on the upkeep and improvement of the telephone box.

One of these efforts will be a special Beer And Cheese Pairing event taking place on the Wirral on 28th April 2018. The 632 3003 group had previously organised a successful 80s Disco and Auction event last November as part of their bid to raise awareness and funds (an event that both Messages and its sister site The Electricity Club contributed prizes to).

Tickets for the Beer And Cheese event are £15, which includes beer, cheese and a tour of the brewery. All proceeds go to the 632 3002 Greenwood Road phone box preservation fund.
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