OMD Albums

"Junk Culture is a living, breathing, musical menagerie filled with a hard core of ideas culled from virtually the four corners of the world." Robin Smith

Melody Maker

"A fifth album that's bursting with life and enthusiasm - a cheerful dose of pop, dance styles and even R&B and Latin influences to produce an unusual and catchy set of songs." Robin Denslow

The Guardian

"Once, Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys might have been accused of being over-indulgent in their own experimental music. But this album would suggest that that individuality has been lost as foreign ideas are plundered and plied in a desperate attempt to rejuvenate a failing status. Leave that to Boy Jones and Depeche Mode, lads. Bring back Orchestral Manoeuves In The Dark." David Martin


"They remain our most melodic electronic engineers, crafting excellent songs, but the special moments that turn excellence into magic are fewer and further between." Johnny Black

Smash Hits 30/04/84

"Apart from 'Locomotion', 'Tesla Girls' stands out as an obvious single and the calypso 'All Wrapped Up' sees OMD trying out a whole new bag of musical ideas." Frank Hopkinson

No. 1