OMD Albums

"On first listen this is an unlikely, spiky successor to Architecture And Morality. Persistence pays, though. The songs are waiting to be found and are as melodic, passionate and vital as ever. These people are originals and should not be underestimated - even if they oblige us to work for our pleasure (8 out of 10)." Johnny Black

Smash Hits, 03/03/83

"The more scholarly OMD present themselves, the less of their precious, primitive talent we see." Chris Bohn

NME, 04/03/83

"Too sketchy, too unsure and too wobbly to be worth much."

Sounds, 04/03/83

"As an album from start to finish it's a challenge and a reward. As a collection of OMD songs it scores somewhat lower on the whistle-at-the-bus-stop scale." Paul Colbert

Melody Maker, 04/03/83

"A very cold record, a record replete with the worst kind of futuristic nonsense." Jim Reid

Record Mirror, 04/03/83