dazzle_200DAZZLE SHIPS marked OMD’s 4th studio album release and enjoys the curious distinction of being regarded as the album that brought the band’s career almost to a halt – and yet is held up by fans as one of the best OMD albums.

“Dazzle Ships is a strange LP” recalled Andy McCluskey “because obviously it was possibly the lowest selling album that we ever released and yet I am inordinately proud of it. Maybe we did something that was commercial suicide, but we did that album for the right reasons. It has a painful beauty”.

In 2008 Dazzle Ships enjoyed an overdue remastering and reissue, offering an opportunity for people to reassess the album while also presenting some of the ‘lost’ songs such as the original version of ‘Telegraph’ and ‘Swiss Radio International’.
As part of the promotion for the Dazzle Ships reissue, the OMD Website presented ‘Written In Sand’ – a special microsite that gave a retrospective view on the album with a contemporary interview with Andy McCluskey, Photo Gallery, 1983 live review, press coverage and promo videos for ‘Genetic Engineering’ and ‘Telegraph’.

Messages is proud to offer up that microsite here for OMD fans to enjoy once again (please note that the feature will launch in a new window so you may need to disable any popup blockers on your browser).

Click here to launch the site: [popup url=”http://www.omd-messages.co.uk/dhtml/d_main.html” height=”560″ width=”780″]WRITTEN IN SAND[/popup]

This feature originally appeared on the Official OMD Website 9th March 2008.

Text by Paul Browne and Chi Lai
Special thanks to Chi Lai, Steve Barnes, Dave Elms, Gavin O’Neil, Sara Page, Achim Peter and Neil Taylor
Revised text 28th January 2014