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Julia’s Song – Handwritten Lyrics

‘Julia’s Song’ remains one of OMD’s classic songs whose history dates back to pre-OMD outfit The Id. The song’s evocative lyrics were penned by then-member of The Id Julia Kneale whose own history is detailed in her fascinating book Moods … Read More

Now That’s What I Call OMD

OMD’s compilation classics… As a popular musical outfit, it’s of little surprise that OMD should be a band that has enjoyed a presence on countless compilation albums over the years. Along the way, some of the band’s appearances have been … Read More

Moods, Memories And Other Manoeuvres

Fascinating insight into the pre-OMD years If there’s one character from OMD’s past that’s taken on mythic status, it’s Julia Kneale. This is partially due to the fact that she disappeared from the OMD world in the early days – … Read More


STEVE HOLLAS, formerly of THE ID, (whom Messages interviewed previously) has written about the process of constructing a bass guitar. The article, which is posted on the www.weescribble.com site documents the building of the guitar which Steve had worked on … Read More

Moods, Memories & Other Manoeuvres on Kindle

JULIA KNEALE’s new book Moods, Memories and other Manoeuvres, which provides a window on the vibrant Wirral and Liverpool music scene from the mid to late 1970s, is now available in Kindle format via Amazon. The book includes Julia’s involvement … Read More


Continuing our OMD Archives series, here’s a 2004 interview with PAUL HUMPHREYS. His collaboration with Claudia Brücken as ONETWO was underway and their first release was just around the corner. Along the way, Paul reflects on THE ID EP, OMD … Read More

An Interview With ADRIAN PRATT

ADRIAN PRATT was a former member of PEGASUS and also founder-member of HITLERZ UNDERPANTZ – both pre-OMD bands that Andy and/or Paul were involved with. Adrian was also involved in other Liverpool bands such as Mr Grumbold before developing an … Read More

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