mertoland_profileThe Electricity Club has interviewed synth outfit METROLAND who are due to support OMD at Utrecht Tivoli and Brussels Ancienne Belgique in May as part of the English Electric tour. Metroland were also asked by Andy to provide a remix of the OMD song METROLAND on which they commented:

“We aimed for a METROLAND interpretation, the METROLAND sound and feel of a fascinating OMD track. We both hate those darn f*cked up club mixes where you can barely recognize something of the original. We started all from scratch. So, every sequence and bass line, melody was played a-new (we did not have a MIDI file), and we searched for new sounds. In the end, it became a more orchestral mix spiced up with the typical bass sounds from METROLAND, along with our famous layered sequences.” More inside  »