31st March 2011

OMD Live in Los Angeles

OMD's Transatlantic Tour has taken in a variety of cities and a variety of venues: From Toronto to New York. From in-store performances to the SXSW Festival. Sadly, all tours must come to an end and the final concert took place in Los Angeles this week.

Lori Tarchala posts her final blog entry and bids a fond farewell to everyone's favourite Electropop outfit. Read the story and pics here... More inside »

30th March 2011

OMD Live in San Diego

OMD arrive in San Diego for more classic OMD tunes.

Expect booming bass sounds - and the return of bass problems, tripod dramas, mindless dancing, bouncing sandwiches, a goofy Locomotion and more OMD chanting.

Lori, as ever, has the scoop... More inside »

29th March 2011

OMD Live in Oakland

As the OMD Transatlantic Tour winds down, OMD arrive in Oakland for a top notch performance.

Exepct free ice cream, a huge stage (they do things bigger in America), a farewell from support act Oh Land, black boxes, OMD disciples and a particularly well-received Enola Gay.

Over to our American correspondent Lori Tarchala for the story... More inside »

28th March 2011

New Horizons

The Orchestral Archive series continues with a photo feature on the Sugar Tax album.

The release of Sugar Tax in 1991 saw the revival of fortunes for OMD.

Following the release of the Best Of OMD album in 1988, the band had split under acrimonious circumstances. An agreement that Andy continue under the OMD banner was struck, whilst Paul Humphreys, Martin Cooper and Mal Holmes formed their own band The Listening Pool. More inside »

27th March 2011

OMD live in Los Angeles

OMD return to Los Angeles for a full band performance as the tour reaches its final dates.

Expect the return of support act Oh Land, keyboard cock-ups, more requests for votes, guest vocals on Walking On The Milky Way and some shirt-wringing from Andy (ladies - contain yourselves...).

Catch up with the full story courtesy of Lori Tarchala... More inside »

OMD stop off in Los Angeles for a special in-store music performance with just Andy and Paul.

The show features an introduction by Richard Blade (for it is he), impromptu soundchecks, more Moby-esque Souvenir, an extended Never Turn Away and of course lower taxes....

Lori is our roving reporter on the scene.... More inside »

26th March 2011

OMD live in Salt Lake City

OMD arrive in Salt Lake City for the next performance on their Transatlantic Tour.

Along the way are scenic views, food dramas, technical problems, a singalong So In Love and a stage invasion!

Lori has full pics and story... More inside »

24th March 2011

OMD Live in Denver

The Transatlantic Tour takes OMD to Denver as they continue their successful series of concerts.

Highlights include a sold out concert venue, a Ziggy Stardust lookalike, girly screams for Paul and an intimate Talking Loud And Clear.

As ever, Lori has all the story and pics... More inside »

22nd March 2011

OMD Live in Dallas

OMD arrive in sunny Dallas as their Transatlantic Tour continues...

Live Facebook feeds, loud crowds, a singalong Dreaming, a toosh-shaking Mr McCluskey(!), a bashful Mr Cooper and a very special custom T-Shirt ;-)

Our intrepid reporter Lori Tarchala has story and pics... More inside »

20th March 2011

OMD Live in SXSW Day 2

The second day of OMD's SXSW performances kicks off in Austin, Texas.

The day's events include a garden party, a very special guest appearance, BBQ and serious venue dramas.

Lori is in the thick of the action... More inside »

19th March 2011

OMD Live in SXSW Day 1

OMD gear up for performances on their first day at SXSW in Austin, Texas as a 2-piece outfit.

The highlights include a performance in a bike shop, Moby-style Souvenir, a 5-second version of Enola Gay and more enthusiastic crowds.

Lori Tarchala is keeping an eye on all the action: More inside »

18th March 2011

OMD Live in Houston

OMD arrive in Houston for the next stop on their Transatlantic Tour.

Baby goats, waterfalls, OMD Chants, dancing balconys, timely mottos and the usual blend of OMD classic songs and History Of Modern tunes.

Lori Tarchala continues her ongoing tour blog: More inside »

16th March 2011

OMD Live in Atlanta

Atlanta is the latest stop on OMD's Transatlantic Tour.

A new support band, no Bass angst (hurrah!), A lyric change for Dreaming, jumping sisters and the usual collection of superb OMD live numbers.

Join Lori for the scoop... More inside »

14th March 2011

OMD Live in Chicago

OMD arrive in Chicago as the Transatlantic Tour continues through America.

Signing sessions, a multi-tiered venue, monitor problems, bouncing songs, singalong Sister Marie Says and more!

Lori Tarchala has the pics and the story... More inside »

CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN is the original first lady of cinematic electronic pop. Successfully maintaining an icy but approachable aura that draws from Germanic divas as varied as MARLENE DIETRICH, NICO, NINA HAGEN and GINA X.

One aspect that stands out about her is how she's maintained her values and artistic integrity over the years. For her, it is all about quality rather than quantity. She could so easily have been trudging around the dreaded Here & Now and 8*s Rewind circuit singing Duel and Dr. Mabuse accompanied by an unsympathetic house band. But thankfully, she is much better than that. More inside »
[via The Electricity Club]

13th March 2011

OMD Live in Michigan

OMD arrive in Michigan as the Transatlantic Tour continues through America.

Pre-gig antics, mistaken identities, more Bass guitar angst, an early Maid Of Orleans plus an energetic crowd as well as all of the live OMD favourites.

Join Lori Tarchala for the story... More inside »

12th March 2011

OMD Live in Washington

The OMD transatlantic adventures continue..... Luggage, problems, an energetic Messages, a McCluskey on-stage shirt change (girls - control yourselves), scarecrow jokes and chanting fans.

It can only be the Washington stop of the OMD concert tour. Join Lori Tarchala for all the action... More inside »

12th March 2011

The Launch of LIBERATOR

A new series debuts on Messages today: NAVIGATION will look at OMD design with articles focussing on some of the band's varied history of sleeve art.

The design of a record sleeve can be a difficult and time-consuming process in which initial inspirations can falter when executed as visual ideas. This was probably never more true than when applied to the sleeve design for the 1993 album Liberator.

As an album, Liberator had a few problems before it even got out of the starting gate. It's biggest hurdle was to match the success of 1991's Sugar Tax album which had seen OMD's triumphant return to the charts along with a reassessment of the band's place in the UK music scene. More inside »

11th March 2011

OMD Live in New York

The Big Apple provides the venue for OMD's latest US live performance.

Lori's review features demands for bad dancing, an enthusiastic History of Modern (Part I), video cameras and a bouncing Mr Humphreys(!)

Get the full story after the jump... More inside »

10th March 2011

OMD Live in Boston

OMD finally arrive in America for a performance in Boston as their Transatlantic tour continues.

Lori's report looks at small stage issues, bass guitar angst, more on support band Oh Land, Locomotion antics and musical trains. Along the way are more OMD classic songs than you can shake a stick at. More inside »

7th March 2011

OMD Live in Montreal

The OMD Transatlantic Adventure continues as OMD continue their journey through Canada showcasing the History Of Modern album and a barrage of classic OMD tunes. The band finally arrive in Montreal with a performance that sees an enthusiastic crowd, some mishaps, a few laughs, a song swap and a dedication!

Lori Tarchala continues reporting on the OMD Tour. More inside »

6th March 2011

OMD Live in Toronto

This month saw OMD crossing the Atlantic for a series of live concerts showcasing the recent History Of Modern album as well as performing some classic OMD songs. Our roving reporter Lori Tarchala will be following the tour as part of an ongoing series.

Read about the first concert on the tour in Lori's writeup on the Toronto performance (Please note that this article and subsequent articles may feature spoilers). More inside »

1st February 2011

Club 66 : THE AVENUE

Long regarded as a classic OMD B-Side track, The Avenue emerged from a turbulent period in OMD's history. The post-Dazzle Ships period shows a band in transition and preparing to radically change their sound for the future.

The creation of the Junk Culture album demonstrated that the band were willing to experiment with a much wider set of influences and yet retain that classic OMD sound - as The Avenue was to demonstrate. More inside »

30th January 2011


A new and exclusive interview with Andy McCluskey reveals some interesting commentary on latest album History Of Modern as well as Andy's feelings on the state of the current music scene.

Among the subjects covered are thoughts on the recent History Of Modern tour, the process of writing new OMD material with Paul Humphreys, returning to America and the truth behind the legend of a young OMD meeting Kraftwerk backstage in 1975! More inside »

[via The Electricity Club]

The Greek release of History Of Modern is a work of art in itself. Undo's beautiful release of OMD's History Of Modern features the CD/DVD double digi-pack edition of the album plus a bonus CD EP containing eight mixes of If You Want It. This includes previously unreleased remixes by Marsheaux and IT95.

Both come enclosed in an exclusive luxury slipcase. The package comes wrapped in a unique Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark gift ribbon and sealed with a special OMD wax logo.

These lavish packages are expected to become future collectors items as Undo Records plan to change the colourways of the slipcase in future editions and will feature only the standard jewel case CD version of History Of Modern with the If You Want It remix CD EP.

A very limited number of the Undo releases of History Of Modern are available from the Shop on The Electricity Club website.

The 2003 reissue of OMD's classic Architecture & Morality album featured sleeve notes that included comments from the band on their thoughts on the album and its place in the OMD catalogue.

The original interviews with Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Martin Cooper and Mal Holmes are now available here on the Messages website.

The interviews also feature rare and previously unseen images from the Messages archive. More inside »

2nd January 2011

Pretending To See The Future

Between Thursday 20th September to Monday 8th October 1979, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark played as the opening act on Gary Numan's Touring Principle which took in UK cities as far and wide as Glasgow, London, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and of course Liverpool.

In the space of a year, Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey had gone from playing small club venues like Eric's and The Factory to seated theatres such as Hammersmith Odeon and Manchester Apollo with capacities of around three thousand. More inside »