OMD Albums

"The rich operatic pop of 'Pandora's Box' and 'Call my Name' is matched by the dripping ennui and doleful afterglow of the title track and 'All That Gliiters'. 'Apollo XI' is a less than successful stab at sampled dancefloor mayhem and it's eclipsed by a marvellous raving '90s version of Kraftwerk's 'Neon Lights'. A welcome return for everyone's favourite musical anagram". Paul Davies


"The single 'Sailing On The Seven Seas' you'll already know to be a tepid rehash of Depeche's 'Personal Jesus', 'Speed Of Light' and 'Pandora's Box' are furiously annoying would-be Eurovision irritants, the latter mimicking Eurythmics' 'Love Is A Stranger' and, in the process, going for Annie and Dave's patented merging of icy electronics and gritty "authentic" soulisms." Paul Lester

Melody Maker

"Much of OMD's old resonance has seeped away into the circuitry, and Sugar Tax will only make you miss the future that bit more." Andrew Harrison


"This lorryload-selling album is a deft exercise in short-range synthesiser pop that, for the most part, flutters along on a criminally simplistic vibe with all but a low-rent beatbox and a well-depressed instant choir button to perk it up." Andrew Collins


"Sugar Tax benefits from a smooth production and clearly McCluskey is trying to write an LP with an emotional variety. Furthermore, his conventional song structures have stripped out the needless gimmicks of old OMD albums. But McCluskey's voice is limited, his lyrics unmemorable and his songwriting lacks any lasting impact." Steve Malins