New Horizons

Sailing on the seven seas… The release of Sugar Tax in 1991 saw the revival of fortunes for OMD. Following the release of the Best Of OMD album in 1988, the band had split under acrimonious circumstances. An agreement that … Read More

OMD – Los Angeles 2011

Tour Stop #16, The Music Box LA 25th March 2011 So sunny Hollywood, that is what I woke to which was a pleasant surprise seeing as how the forecast called for rain. From my hotel room I could see the … Read More

OMD – Los Angeles 2011

Tour Stop #15, Amoeba Music In-Store Performance, Los Angeles 24th March 2011 Well I probably shouldn’t admit this for fear I won’t be allowed into The Music Box show tomorrow, but I ended up getting as excited to see the … Read More

OMD – Salt Lake City 2011

Tour Stop #14, The Depot, Salt Lake City 23rd March 2011 Well though I had been told that Denver was going to be the prettiest city I would visit on this trip, I have to disagree. Yes, it is nice, … Read More

OMD – Denver 2011

Tour Stop #13 – Bluebird Theatre, Denver 22nd March 2011 Ah, Denver… The Mile High City as it is nicknamed due to it being one mile above sea level. I arrived with a thud (literally, hardest plane landing I’ve ever … Read More

OMD – Dallas 2011

Tour Stop #12 – Granada Theatre, Dallas 20th March 2011 Well, one final gig in the state of Texas and more warm weather. LOL, I should report my search for cheap summer clothes mentioned in last blog was accomplished and … Read More

OMD – SXSW Austin Day 2

Tour Stop #11 – SXSW Austin, Day 2 18th March 2011 So another day in Austin for SXSW but not before I tried desperately to get caught up on blogs. Hadn’t been able to do Houston due to early departure … Read More

OMD – SXSW Austin Day 1

Tour Stop #10 – SXSW Austin, Day 1 17th March 2011 Headed off early to catch something I highly doubt will happen again, so well worth the late night, early morning wake up call to get in and see! On … Read More

OMD – Houston 2011

Tour Stop #9 – House Of Blues, Houston 16th March 2011 Well I hopped on my last flight for a bit, was just getting settled when there was an announcement… .”Um, folks, we don’t have a pilot right now. We … Read More

OMD – Atlanta 2011

Tour Stop #8 – The Loft, Atlanta 14th March 2011 I just realised mid last night that I didn’t have a “highlight of the night” for Chicago’s gig… sorry (Chalk it up to me being thrilled to be home amongst … Read More

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